About VIZ e-business


VIZ e-business offers innovative web development solutions to 'local', small-business owners. 

Purpose And Goal:

Our purpose is to increase the VIZibility of your business by expanding your geographical reach. Our goal is to assist you in promoting and attracting 'new business'. 

We accomplish this by concentrating our efforts on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

When a potential customer is looking for your product or service they usually begin an Internet search. We utilize techniques and strategies that ensure you will appear on the 1ST PAGE of that search.


Established in 2013

Becoming a Web Development Company was not the original vision. 

Green Globes' Founder & CEO (mygreenglobe.co) and the main developer behind VIZ e-business, left the commercial banking industry to create the world's largest market development engine in support of the global green economy. Not willing to give up a substantial piece of the company to entice any reputable web developer to work on a project of this size left only one option.  The decision was made to learn a few programming languages then independently develop mygreenglobe.co. Doing so took longer than expected and was quickly effecting the ability to "stay in the game". 

An opportunity had surfaced to build a web site for an automotive shop in San Pedro, CA.  Utilizing the web development and SEO skill set learned to create mygreenglobe.co the site was built and the business was soon ranking #1 on Google. It seemed logical to help other businesses achieve the same results while generating the income neccessary to continue developing mygreenglobe.co.  Out of this story, VIZ e-business was born!

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